Server Administrator

My name is Thomas Gideon. I administer and moderate Mastodon.Beer. I work in technology so I can support my passion for beer and brewing.

Question, Suggestions, Concerns

I prefer to praise publicly and share constructive feedback privately. Feel free to DM with any concerns or email me (my username at the domain of the website from my profile) if you prefer.


I don't expect you always to be nice but I do expect you always to be kind. I have modest experience and training on communication and conflict skills, especially non-violent communication. As long as we can remain collegial, I like to think we can work through most issues. I'll do my best.

I am open to learning, admitting what I don't know. I welcome help, even pointers to good resources. Anything on fostering and maintaining safe, healthy community would be very helpful.

Server Rules

The current rules I administer the server by are on the server's about page. More about the rules, including historical versions, is maintained here.