Financial Report for January 2023

Posted by Thomas on 20 February 2023

I have paid the January invoice for our server to, our hosting provider and reconciled that expense against cash on hand and new donations. First, thank you to the new donors since my last post. I am grateful for the help and take the responsibility of managing these funds seriously, hence these monthly reports and the detailed records I keep. I have one more change to that management I plan to make soon, too.

You can download the latest copy of this sheet.

The summary is that our monthly hosting cost for January 2023 remained $49. This pays for capacity sufficient for 500 active users. Our total users is likely around 300 to 400, active has been declining and is currently around 170. We are in no immediate need of upgrading.

Donations covered all of our hosting costs for January with a small surplus. I will reserve any surplus to extend operations of our instance.

Three people have donated in February--thank you! Those donations mean that hosting costs will be fully covered through April. My contribution for the rest of the year will remain very modest, well within my comfort level.

I made some improvements to the spreadsheet I use for the monthly report. The red zeroes in the final column are a result of some leftover fractions applying the net amounts for those donations. I adjusted then final month of each donation, rounding up or down to fully use the total amount even when it didn't divide out evenly after fees.

I currently keep donations in a personal banking account. I have an LLC I originally created for my brewery. The entity is in good standing and I want to look into moving the funds over to its business account. If I can today or with an amendment to the bylaws, I would like the additional protection in case the server runs afoul of any of the possible indemnity issues that could arise. It would not affect how I manage and use the funds or operate the server.