Financial Report for December 2022

Posted by Thomas on 4 January 2023

This is the first of a series of posts I hope to publish monthly sharing the financials for Mastodon.Beer. I have created a spreadsheet to help me track donations, spend them per the donor's selected terms, our monthly costs, and cash remaining.

You can download the latest copy of this sheet.

The summary is that our monthly hosting cost for December 2022 was $49, same as November. This pays for capacity sufficient for 500 active users. Our total users is likely approaching 300, active has been declining and is currently a little below 200. We are in no immediate need of upgrading.

Donations covered $42.48 for December, $45.73 for November. My contribution was $3.27 and $6.52 respectively.

The portion covered by donations will decline after next month. My contribution will more than triple. We have sufficient cash such that if our costs don't change, this mix of donations versus my contribution will remain about the same for the rest of 2023. I am comfortable with my projected contribution but would welcome at least a couple more donors starting in February.