Posted by Thomas on 13 November 2022

Welcome to the pub. I created this site to share more in-depth updates and information about Mastodon.Beer. Click this post's title to read more about the purpose of this site and some updates from the last few days.

Purpose of This Site

Server announcements are useful but ideally work best if kept short. I will link as needed from server announcements to posts here.

I update the support page with our costs and funds regularly, to provide helpful context for people considering donating. I will add more detail on monthly costs and funding here, linking from the support page. I started a spreadsheet, mostly for myself to keep track of everything. I hope to share a view into that, mostly to show how long we can operate with our current level of support.

For now, we have at least enough donations to run the server for a bit over seven months. That is before my own contribution based on my original thinking, of no more than $20 US per month. That extends our ability to operate by at least another two or three months at our current level of resources. If we see another surge of people arriving, we also have plenty of room to upgrade.


New arrivals have slowed but not stopped over the last few days.

Our community has grown to just over 100 people.

This week was the first week I have not needed to upgrade our plan with our provider, masto.host. We are current at their Star plan with one extra resource (gives us a little more processor and storage) and the search add on.

Our current monthly cost is $34 US. 9 people have donated to support the operation of our server for a total of $31.68 US per month.

Open Door

I run Mastodon.Beer as a volunteer and welcome conversations about the experience. The best ways to contact me outside of our instance are noted on the about page.