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Companion web site for Mastodon.Beer

Update for September 2023

I paid our September hosting bill last week and am going to try something new, to write at least a monthly update as soon as I can after I get our invoice from The short version is we still have sufficient donations in the bank for the foreseeable future. Our costs remain the same, $49 monthly for sufficient capacity for up to 500 active users. Our activity has been drifting down so we still have plenty of resources. I have received a few reports, all pretty simple to resolve.

Also, Mastodon.Beer will be a year old on the 29th!


Financial Report for January 2023

I have paid the January invoice for our server to, our hosting provider and reconciled that expense against cash on hand and new donations. First, thank you to the new donors since my last post. I am grateful for the help and take the responsibility of managing these funds seriously, hence these monthly reports and the detailed records I keep. I have one more change to that management I plan to make soon, too.


Financial Report for December 2022

This is the first of a series of posts I hope to publish monthly sharing the financials for Mastodon.Beer. I have created a spreadsheet to help me track donations, spend them per the donor's selected terms, our monthly costs, and cash remaining.


Our Own Elephant

A cartoon drawing of a pink elephant raising a pint glass filled with beer. The glass has an M on it.

A few months ago I asked if there were any artists who were open to a commission for a logo for Mastodon.Beer. I thought a logo would help our server stand out and help create a specific first impression representing the community here. I really wanted to find someone on our server to reinforce the connection. One of the people to respond was here and it was immediately clear they were the one. After some discussion and a couple of iterations, a whimsical elephant now adorns our server.


Week of 2022-11-27

Since my last update, I've been working on this site, The Pub. Our server continues to grow, thankfully at a very manageable pace. We have only upgraded once since my last update and should be good on capacity and funding for a while. I have seen our first few reports, I am relieved they have been tame so far. I am still working on more for this site to share details on how I operate our server.



Welcome to the pub. I created this site to share more in-depth updates and information about Mastodon.Beer. Click this post's title to read more about the purpose of this site and some updates from the last few days.